Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Benjamin Franklin

I invite you to my worlds!


Don't be shy! Kick your feet up and make yourself at home. This isn't about formality. You've been inside my head, so just sit back and enjoy the ride!


Open yourself up to the fantastic, whether it be story or poem. Explore new worlds. Cry. Laugh. Throw things at me! (Virtually, I don't condone violence upon my physical person.) Become an explorer within the (sometimes) dark, (sometimes) light corners of my mind.





I walked through the door today,

one look from you and I knew,

it was too cold to stay,

because in your eye, I see my lie,

and there’s nothing left to say,

there’s just nothing left to say.


Will there be, can you see,

time for the two of us?

I wanna die, can’t live this lie,

feeling so treasonous,

just feeling so treasonous.


The fault is all my own,

I shoulda done more when she hit the door,

is there any way to atone?

I didn’t know, when I let her go,

we’d be left here all alone,

we’d be here alone.


Your face is mine but I draw the line,

there are things you can’t accuse me of,

I’ve done my time for this crime,

so I need an answer from above,

Mirror, when do you see, when will I be,

worthy of your love?

Mirror, when do you see, when will I be,

worthy of your love?

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