"Postcards from the Edge of Reality"

Postcards from the Edge of Reality is a work of love, anger, sorrow, laughter, and hope. Each poem you read is a postcard sent from a specific moment of my life. This is a book about those times in your life that are so trying that you want to scream at the world. It is also about those times that are so good that you want to scream at the world. Plus any of those other times you want to scream. “Postcards” are social commentary. They are love notes. Some are the voice of depression and anxiety taking control. One thing is certain: you've heard the voice of some of the “postcards” contained within. Indulge. Find comfort in another's words and realize that we all sit on the edge of each other's realities.

Draw your blade.
Fasten your armor.
Prepare for war.

The Unsheathed Collection brings to life nine powerhouse tales of epic fantasy filled with daring duels, gruesome slaughter, and the ringing cacophony of battle.


Inside this collection is my short story, "The King's Road". It follows the tale of Prince William as he is faced with the choice of country over family. What will he decide? Find out!



Features my story "King's Road", a story about Prince William and his road to the throne.

Whether you want to take a trip through time, go on an adventure in your back yard, or feel a burst of excitement only to have to return to an adult reality, each story has something for every reader who wants to feel like a child or be part of a life many children have led before. Take a trip down memory lane or pull your child into your lap and see the world through their eyes. In this second anthology written by members of Authors’ Tale, both light and heavy themes bring out the child in almost every genre. This year's anthology features many stories about young hearts and some written for young-at-hearts. These tales will make any reader feel nostalgic or even open their eyes to something they never considered—something that will challenge their view of what childhood can really be like.


Inside you will find my short story, "Grandfather", a story about a boy who finds out that his family is anything but typical.

Undercurrents cover2.jpg

RETURN TO THE AUGMENTED CITY! Beneath the smartglass towers, hovering drones and digital advertisements of the corporate elite, life on the streets of Union City follows its own cyber-organic rhythms. . . . A squattertown gangster, left digitally dead by a corporate war, learns new ways to survive in the underground . . . A muni detective investigates a mysterious robbery performed by a well-prepared group of augmented attackers . . . A submissive cyber-doll entertains wealthy clients while gathering information to serve her mysterious benefactors . . . A psycog returns from retirement to track down a data thief who's seemingly disappeared into a virtual world . . . Stories by Irene Bassett, Brad Cole, D.M. Dore, Jens Durke, S.L. Koch, G. Dean Manuel, Adrian McCauley and Rick Rosenkranz paint a collaborative picture of our augmented future that is alternately chilling and inspiring.

Features my story, "Heart of a Doctor", about a young woman finding out what being a doctor truly means.

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Gathering Storm Magazine, Year 1, Issue 6, is full of themed short fiction, interactive fiction, poetry, original artwork, and engaging Tidbits that tickle the mind. All of the stories in this issue reflect one of four selected themes by the Founding Editors: Money is the Root of all Evil Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts Everything Comes to Those Who Wait


You'll find my story, "Bounty: Greed", within its pages! A Weird West tale that finds a gunslinger traveling West to confront Greed before he can make it to the California Gold Rush!

WW4 cover.jpg

Featuring twenty fantastic short stories from authors all around the world, including a brand new exclusive novelette from internationally acclaimed author Neal Asher!

Grab a preorder, ready for March 1st


Enjoy my story, "Salvage", within the pages! Captain Hellnich and the crew of the Marked Man, find a floating derelict, a memory of a forgotten age. The quickly set up to salvage, but could this be more trouble than it's worth?

Graffiti Tunnel

My story, "Through the Whorley Tunnel," is featured in this episode of the NoSleep Podcast! 

Every town has one. Sometimes its a house. Maybe its a lighthouse. Could be a bridge. It's that place that residents talk about in hushed tones and stories have grown up around it. In Derby, Georgia (pronounced Darby) that place is the Whorley Tunnel. Every year, a new story tells of another kid disappearing into the tunnel, never to be heard from again. And those are the lucky ones. The ones who come back are never the same.

Over 200 tiny dark tales of magic, mischief, murder, mayhem & madness...
You do not want to get on the wrong side of these witches!
Let us cast a spell on you... with just 100 words.

Dreams are mysterious creatures. Follow them through the pages of this book as you rediscover confidence in your abilities, pick up the pieces when things fall apart, and bring your fears to life with the flick of a pen.

In this third anthology from members of Authors’ Tale, twenty stories question what it means to dream and what truths are linked to our souls.

Each tale is a line drawn by an author daring you to cross. Accept the challenge, turn the page, and face the story that awaits within.

My story "When the Ink Dries" is included. Manheim makes deals with people, purchasing the last years of their lives in exchange for living lavishly for whatever they have left. He just makes these deals for the wrong people.


A daring pirate raid on a merchant ship ends in disaster. A dominatrix loses her dog. Officers count the terrible cost of human life in the wake of battle. A casting director comes face to face with his childhood bully. And why has a death sentence been issued for everyone named John Smith?

These are but a few of the thrilling tales inside. We've gathered authors from around the world into this compendium of fast fiction fixes. Each of these one hundred and one super short stories can be read in only a few minutes, just enough time as you wait for your high speed transport to arrive and whisk you away to your next adrenaline packed adventure.

This is FLASH FICTION ADDICTION, and there is no cure but to read more!

My story, "Price of a Soul", about a boy that grows up to be someone he doesn't necessarily like, is found in these pages.

clockwork dragons.jpg
Dead Eyes Never Lie.jpg

A word of power summons the essence of ancient magics. Sparks of light activate enchanted runes and ensorcelled conduits flair with etheric energy. Smoke swirls and gears grind as the machine awakens. Red eyes snap open, cutting through the gloom, steel wings and copper springs flexing. The sorceress steps back to behold her creation come to life.

The clockwork dragon is born.

Technology meets magic in the exciting new genre of fantasypunk. Inside you'll find strange worlds brought to life by a cabal of more than two dozen fantasy writers and the odd goblin who stole ink and quill.

The next anthology from Zombie Pirate Publishing, CLOCKWORK DRAGONS contains twenty five short stories from authors all around the globe.

My story, "Feed the Black", is included. Remy Cade is a gunslinger knight. Well, he was. Now he's an outlaw on a train...

Charlotte is just trying to navigate high school. Boys, tests, sports, friends. But the living aren't the only ones attending school.

When Olivia first appears, Charlotte doesn't know what to do. Olivia's been dead for two years. Why appear now? Does she want her help? Charlotte just doesn't know. How is she supposed to help a dead girl? She can't even drive a car.

This is the first in a series of short Ebook tales. Stories don't have to be long for them to be good.

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