I've got some exciting news! I'm going to be coming out in several books during the front part of the year!


"When the Ink Dries"

Will be featured in the Ink Dreams anthology

put on by Author's Tale FB group


Manheim is good at what he does but what he does isn't very nice. Trapped

by choices made almost a millennia ago, Manheim has risen to become one of

the best time merchants that the Company has ever had. But the deal isn't sealed and nothing is set in stone, at least not until the ink dries.


"Price of a Soul"

Will be featured in the Flash Fiction Addiction anthology

produced by Zombie Pirate Publishing


How much is a soul worth? Maybe it is priceless to you, but when you are a hungry street urchin, it can be worth so little that someone could buy it for a hot meal...


MORE COMING SOON! I have several stories that are still out in submission, so fingers crossed, I'll be adding to this list!


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