From throneroom of the Kingdom of Revania to the Great Hall of the Grand Thane of the Western Continent, Tanthalis is a world that is finally healing from the ravages of a war long ago. Humans and orcs are finally flourishing, no longer under the yolk of their elven and dwarven oppressors. Gods still walk among mortals, ever vigilant for the return of the Primordial Gods, asleep but not vanquished. 


Trouble stirs to the North. Within a mountain fastness, thought to be long dead, an evil has awoken to plague humanity once more.

In the West, in the Great Hall of the Grand Thane, all isn't as it appears. Rumors abound and the shadows are alive with poisoned daggers. Is the Grand Thane far older than he appears? If so, who, or more importantly what, is he?

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